TREE9 Structures

Timber Framing

About The Project

TREE9 Structures is a timber framing and timber structures company in Ottawa, Ontario. A fellow veteran, Marc Berube asked me to help create a logo for his new business venture. The name was taken from his old call sign while in the military; 39 (or tree-niner). Three spoken on military comms is pronounced TREE and obviously related to his new timber construction trade while niner is the designation given to commanders.

We worked together to create a professional, clean logo he could grow with. The tree aspect in the logo also doubles as a frame structure, the nine nestled in under it as the trunk, and an overall diamond shape denotes the quality of services rendered. The dark blue is also a slight nod to his time in the air force as a construction engineer with gold-ish brown representing his future in the timber framing industry.

Design Responsibilities
  • Logo Set Design
  • Mini-Brand Guide
  • Social Media Icons

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