How the Logo Design Process Works


For those new to the logo design process, I want to give you a quick overview of the steps I take to ensure you are getting the design you want. Creating a brand that defines your company and stands out from your competition is a challenge that takes a collaborative approach. Learning about your business, asking the right questions, and showing you examples of completed projects all help me to build a unique identity that will get you noticed.


Logo design is so much more than a fancy symbol or an eye-catching illustration. Yes, it has to look great no doubt, but it has to speak to the right audience, set you apart from your competition, and convey the right message as well. Now let’s check out the different steps I use to ensure that you get the comprehensive design you deserve.


Discovery Phase

I begin with what is commonly called the discovery phase in the industry. This is usually about a thirty-to-sixty-minute session, in which I ask questions targeted towards your business, your target audience and any vision you have for the brand. I like to approach this in the most conversational way possible with guiding questions when necessary. It’s your story, and I want you to tell it how you’d like.

The questions I do have for guidance are broken down into five parts;

  1. Basics & Backstory
  2. The Vision
  3. Target Audience / Marketing / Competitors
  4. Design Elements
  5. Inspiration

Basics & Backstory

This is where I start to get to know you. It lets me know your company name, the industry you are in, any existing company websites, social media platforms you may have and the actual products or services you offer. The backstory part is the how you came to be. What your selling points, features or benefits are and how you yourself would describe the feel of your company.

The Vision

Now we start to attach values to your brand. How do you want others to feel when they think about your company? Does your company have a mission statement? This will shape my design choices so that I reflect these through colour, typography and imagery.

Target Audience/ Marketing / Competitors

First off, I want to know who your customers are and/or who you would like them to be. I also need to know where your logo will be used. Do you plan on marketing online mainly? Through a brick-and-mortar store? Labeled on your products? And if so, what type of products? Lastly in this section, I will find out who your immediate competitors are. We need to differentiate you from them and make sure you stand out.

Design Elements

Design elements get into how you want your logo structured. Do you have ideas on incorporating a slogan? Are there existing brand colours that you want to be used? Do you know what kind of logo you may want – Wordmark, Combination Mark, Abstract Mark, Pictorial Mark? 


Finally, we end with the inspiration section. I want to find out what logos you already like, or brands in your industry you may look up to. Is there any symbolism that speaks to you and that you may want me to incorporate? What colours do you love, or hate? These last questions are the final piece in the puzzle that will give me strong direction moving forward.


Mood or Style Boards

After verbally describing what kind of logo and branding we are after, we move on to the fun stuff – visualizing it. From your answers in the discovery phase, I will either create mood or style boards that will reflect the different concepts I have that may solve this design problem. They can include things such as existing brands and logos that fit what we are looking for, colour palettes, different fonts, and any other images I may use to begin shaping your brand.

I find this part of the process hugely beneficial as clients can see and point to what they like, and what they don’t. This is a fluid process and throughout we will remove and add things as we began to hone in on what your brand will look like. 


Concept Presentation

Now that I have a well-rounded idea of what I am going to design. I come up with at least three concepts for how your logo could look. I sketch out different possibilities, playing with lettering, symbols, and/or pictures. I then bring my final choices into the digital world and compile them into a presentation for you to review and critique.

Going over each version, we will discuss what you like and what you don’t. Is there a clear favourite or would you like to combine elements from one concept into another? This phase sees us starting to finalize our design and making sure you get what you were looking for.



Once a final concept has been chosen, we can go through two iterations (or sets) of changes. There can be as many changes as you’d like within these two sets as we make adjustments until you are completely happy with the design.


Delivery of Final Design

Now that I have made sure you are loving your new logo, I put together your brand guide, outlining your company colours, the typography used, and any special instructions on how to use your logo so that it always looks its best. Any font files that were purchased will be sent to you in this package and your logo in all its variations will be exported to jpg, png, and svg file formats. Check out my article on the different logo file types on how to use your brand new logo!

Have any questions? Send me a message and I’d be happy to answer!

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